Sealwise is being used across agricultural areas in many different ways. Poultry farmers have recognised its benefits for wall cladding in poultry sheds to help reduce red mite infestation Piggery farmers have found it a strong and easy to clean material to construct pigpens from. It is also an excellent material for use around the equestrian transport and livery sectors. Whatever its use, in an industry where product longevity is key, farmers can be reassured that Sealwise is a long-lasting, cost effective material for interior and exterior use.


    Further advantages:

  • Fully recyclable – Tough and hard wearing
  • Insect resistant – Easy to clean
  • Available in non-slip
  • UV tolerant – Non-toxic
  • Chemical resistant – Waterproof

    Suggested areas for use:

  • Poultry houses – Fencing
  • Pigpens – Horse Jumps
  • Horse boxes – Cladding
  • Stables – Storage – Cabinetry