Marine Environment

Sealwise is a great new product to rival marine ply or steel, which have previously dominated the marine industry because of the limited materials suitable for use on vessels used at sea. It is a suitable alternative for all areas where these materials are used in yachts, small vessels and commercial cruise liners.

The main advantage Sealwise has is that being 100% waterproof means it will not degrade and it is unaffected by salt water which causes rust on steel products. Being a sheet material means that it can also be used in many applications, as would marine plywood. Sealwise is also ideal for external signage on-board as it can be printed on to directly with UV inks.

Sealwise WCB is ideal for marines hard wearing, wet salty environments.


    Further advantages:

  • Totally waterproof
  • Salt water resistant
  • UV tolerant – guaranteed for 10 years
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Minimal expansion

    Suggested areas for use:

  • Dive rooms
  • Storage
  • Cabinetry
  • Wall cladding
  • Flooring
  • Signage

With its smooth non-porous surface and sealed joints Sealwise WCB doesn’t harbor dirt or germs, it is easily cleaned using chemicals or steam, its is very tough and long lasting and, of course waterproof.


Sealwise can be fashioned with woodworking tools and fixings into cabinets, stowage, galleys, seating, tables etc. It can be painted, printed, veneered or laminated. It can be welded to create tanking.

Sealwise has a high recycled content and can be completely recycled at end-of-life. It has no formaldehyde content and no resins.
We are currently working toward IMO approval but in the meantime
Sealwise is a great performing product for your leisure craft
Make sure you ask for Sealwise WCB – and show you care.

Sealwise has the following advantages:

  • Fire resistant essential in confined below decks spaces.*
  • Sealed joints giving germs no place to hide
  • Hygienic useful for food areas or storage areas
  • Impact resistant a useful quality when in rough weather

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* B1Cert  is available on 10 mm white core, only when specified. We would always suggest you conduct your own fire tests for specific applications or sizes.