Sealwise In Hospitals

Sealwise has major benefits for hospitals and is becoming sought after by health trusts because it is safe, durable and long lasting. Its peerless hygiene standards are the major factor in it becoming the material of choice for various applications for hospitals. It provides excellent infection control, an area in which the NHS spends in excess of £1 billion annually, as well as being cost effective.


    Further advantages:

  • Can withstand cleaning techniques including fogging
  • Available with Boimaster antibacterial Technology
  • Fire resistant*
  • Tough and hardwearing
  • Thermally stable
  • Sound absorbent
  • Easy to manufacture and install
  • Non toxic

    Suggested areas for use:

  • All ward furniture e.g. bedside cabinets, over bed tables
  • Medical cabinets e.g. endoscopy trollies, drugs trollies
  • Ward kitchens
  • Sluice rooms
  • Decontamination suites
  • Wall cladding
  • Cubicles
  • Reception areas
  • Auto clave housings

With its smooth non-porous surface and sealed joints Sealwise WCB doesn’t harbour dirt or germs, it is easily cleaned using chemicals or steam, its is very tough and long lasting and, of course waterproof.


The ‘Weston’ Bedside cabinet – Designed by the Weston General Hospital infection control team to provide clean, tough furniture and an attractive environment for patients and staff alike.

With a service life in unblemished condition typically of up to 15 years or more Sealwise WCB provides a value for money simply unmatched by old fashioned and environmentally very damaging materials such as MFC, MDF and wood/compact laminates.

Made from recycled material and completely recyclable at the end of its life Sealwise WCB is the modern and environmentally responsible approach to furniture and cabinets for today. Sealwise WCB doesnt occupy landfill or contain toxic elements like the phenolics in Laminates, MFC and MDF.

Widely adopted across the UK Sealwise WCB units are available from Sealwise Ltd and all leading furniture manufacturers throughout Europe and the United States of America.

Make sure you ask for Sealwise WCB – and show you care.


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* B1Cert  is available on 10 mm white core, only when specified.