Sustainability and Environmental Benefits

Never has the act of recycling been more important. In the UK alone, some 400,000 tonnes of waste particle board (such as MDF and chipboard) is discarded each year into landfill. At the same time the government and other agencies are working hard to reduce waste. Laws are coming into force, which will have stringent controls on what can go into landfill.

Sealwise has been developed with sustainability at the forefront of its effectiveness. Not only is it initially produced by using waste PVC products for use in its many applications including cabinetry or wall cladding, it is extremely durable, reducing the need to be replaced. Even after Sealwise is no longer needed, it is pioneering a fully recyclable solution. It has the ability to subsequently be used in injection moulding to create new products with a myriad of uses. Made from recycled material and completely recyclable at the end of its life, Sealwise WCB provides a modern and environmentally responsible approach for the manufacturers, fabricators and suppliers of Sealwise products. Sealwise sheet material doesn’t occupy landfill or contain toxic elements such as phenolics or formaldehyde found in many MFC and MDF products.( Koffi Annan report )

UPVC is a material well-suited to recycling. It has the longest history of recycling among plastics, and it is most advanced in mechanical recycling. This is why we chose to make Sealwise out of recycled PVCs. Sealwise is more than able to last beyond its expected lifespan.



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