Technical Information

Sealwise is an innovative sheet material with a wealth of pioneering new features and benefits. It has been expertly designed to replace materials traditionally used in sectors including construction, print and sign. Its sustainability and anti-bacterial properties are blazing a trail in diverse applications across the globe.

Length and width (mm) Imperial Thickness Weight per sheet(kg) Sheets per Pallet
2440 x 1220 8’ x 4’ 3mm 6.698 110
2440 x 1220 8’ x 4’ 6mm 13.396 45
2440 x 1220 8’ x 4’ 10mm 19.945 40
2440 x 1220 8’ x 4’ 16mm 34.769 25
2440 x 1220 8’ x 4’ 18mm 39.115 20
3050 x 1500 10’ x 5’ 3mm 10.294 100
3050 x 1500 10’ x 5’ 6mm 20.588 40
3050 x 1500 10’ x 5’ 10mm 30.653 35
3050 x 1500 10’ x 5’ 16mm 53.436 20
3050 x 1500 10’ x 5’ 18mm 60.116 15

Other thicknesses and sheet sizes are available on request, subject to minimum order quantities. For more details and information, Please contact


Surface Finishes
Many surface finishes can be applied to Sealwise with excellent results.

Standard interior emulsions, gloss, satin and eggshell and acrylic spray paints are all suitable for use with Sealwise, as well as exterior grade paints including polyurethane spray paints.

We recommend the same process as used for polishing solid surfaces, using equipment available from any major tool suppliers. Sealwise sheet material’s outer skin is relatively thin compared to the core. Care must be taken to ensure the surface is not removed during polishing, exposing the inner core.

Sealwise is an excellent material for printing that suits all printing techniques. For best results, we recommend solvent-based inks. When used in conditions where humidity is up to 70% Sealwise is extremely anti-static. A 10-year UV warranty is given for external use.

Lacquer adhesion on Sealwise is excellent. PVC, acrylic or PUR-based lacquers are advised. All usual application methods can be used.

Coatings and laminates
Sealwise can be coated with self-adhesive, decorative or other material films. It can also be laminated using various laminates.

Colours Available:
The standard stock colour of Sealwise is white
The following colours are available in orders of 12 pallets (10 ton) or more. We can also offer a RAL-matched colour option. These colours are available on request, subject to minimum order quantities of one load, 24 pallets (20 ton). Prices for colour options are available on request.

Ten-ton-plus colour options:
Sheets can be ordered individually or by pallet.


For more details and information on our colours, please contact


Sealwise anti-bacterial range

Sealwise can be impregnated with silver ions, (bio master spec sheets) making it an extremely good barrier against bacteria. This reduces the chance of cross contamination within medical or clean environments. This is not a coating as many anti bacterial materials use, it is actually impregnated with silver ions and the protection carries on throughout the outer surfaces. The ions Sealwise use are amongst some of the highest quality and effective in the market, resisting more than 50 major illness causing bacteria. See ISO certificate ( ISO Link )

Non-slip range

Sealwise now have an anti-slip variant of the sheet material, Sealwise AR. It has all the characteristics of the standard Sealwise sheet material but with an added advantage of anti slip protection on one side. The underside of the sheet is white and replicates the standard material, while the other side is grey and is made from a new PVC development which gives a true anti-slip surface – and even more so when wet. Sealwise AR board meets anti-slip requirements to DIN 51097.

For more information on the technical side of Sealwise WCB please contact us