The common cold is a pesky thing, and in winter, you are 80% more likely to get one. There is nothing worse to dampen your mood, especially during the festive period! So here are five things you can do, to keep the germs away!

1– Wash your hands regularly!

Probably one of the most important, and easiest forms of prevention. Germs are everywhere (except on Sealwise), especially on surfaces that you might not even think are a risk- like door handles, keyboards, cash points!- and they can live there for hours. So by washing your hands throughout the day you’re able to kill the germs that may have been transferred onto your hands, and prevent the germs getting inside of your body. Don’t forget soap!

2– Wrap up nice and warm!

Despite what we may have been told as children, even though wearing a hat will keep you warmer, it isn’t actually the main culprit for our bodily heat loss! We lose heat pretty equally, from all over our bodies, so get the fluffy socks, chunky scarfs, woolly hats and thermal gloves out because you’ll need them all to ensure to keep that cold out of your system.

3– Get a good nights rest… every night.

Sleep makes our bodies stronger, and allows them to fight off infections and virus’s easier, so making sure your sleep pattern is good, will ensure your body is ready to tackle whatever germs get passed your way.

4– Taking extra precautions…

…to sanitise personal items that may play host to plenty of germs, is certainly a great way to make sure you avoid the sniffles. You’d be surprised what kind of germs your phone picks up, so wiping regularly cuts the risk of them getting near your nose or mouth! The same goes for your laptop or keyboard, especially if you share a computer keyboard with other colleagues. A quick wipe before you use, and washing your hands afterwards of course, will limit all those nasty germs spreading from one person to the next!

5– Ensure you get your fair share of protein!

Research has shown that diets that lack in protein can deplete the immune system, and a weak immune system, means you are more likely to catch virus’s and infections. Keep your body strong, by looking after your diet.