Caravan Legislation

The leisure industry is bracing itself for new legislation due in 2016 which is expected to introduce new minimum standards in fire-rating for materials used in caravan construction.

It’s believed the new regs will apply to towing caravans and statics, and will probably involve setting an industry basic level of B1 fire rating for material used in building the mobile homes.

This will obviously have strong repercussions across the industry, and require manufacturers to totally rethink what they do, and the materials they use.

At Sealwise WCB we think we have the perfect solution for these companies!

Our material has a minimum of B1 fire rating – and we are currently working towards a Class O rating, which we hope to secure by the end of the year, plus a host of other features which would be ideal for the job.

Besides its fire-rating, our material is also really durable, light-weight and easy to clean. It’s also easy to machine and fabricate, plus you can print directly on to our Sealwise WCB surface.

The versatility of Sealwise WCB and its suitability to the leisure industry is about to be unveiled next month when the ECO POD is launched at The Glamping Show in Stoneleigh. (see blog)

It would be fantastic to be working with more manufacturers in the holiday and leisure sector, and we await the full details of the legislation with great interest!

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