Have you ever experienced a kitchen flood on your property, then you would know the extent of the damage which occurs to your cabinets and work surfaces.

From the worktops to the cabinets, this is before worrying about the electrical appliances and the flooring.

Your kitchen area will look a very different picture from its high-cost well-earned part of the home it once was. It might seem simple and easy to clean. However, it is challenging to clean out the bacteria and dirt from the joints and areas where water can ingress, once done it may look clean until everything starts swelling and smelling of mould, harbouring bacteria, making drying up a flooded kitchen and restoring it to its former condition almost impossible until you come to the inevitable conclusion you have to remove most of the kitchen to landfill.

Some defensive measures for properties in flood risk areas are on the market today, from flood gates to quickly retrofitting your entry points in the home. Construction companies and developers have now been moving to some of these options when building new homes in flood risk areas.

However, suppliers and homeowner, have options open to them to reduce the risk. We know they can’t stop the flood, but they can prepare for it by replacing absorbent construction materials like MDF and Chipboard with alternatives that have sealed properties so bacteria and mud cannot ingress into the board allowing them to replace most of your kitchen with a material that will clean, does not need replacing and will be safe from bacteria.

With time being essential in getting the property back up to a living standard, using modern materials can help suppliers reduce this time frame to homeowners and the cost to them and insurance companies.

Systems available on the market for entry protection are now appearing and being promoted and encouraged by insurance companies and local authorities. These can be installed quickly by the homeowner, and although they will not stop all the water, they will give the homeowner time to prepare for the worse and reduce the damage and cost to the property.

With flooding becoming more prevalent as we encroach onto land generally used as water breaks and floodplans, our only option is to be more proactive to protect properties. By taking a defensive approach when it comes to reducing cost and landfill, the impact of flooding will be reduced for the homeowner.

Sealwise has been working with homeowners and local authorities including the markets for some time to ensure homeowners and suppliers have these materials available to them from kitchens made from waterproof construction board to skirtings and doorway water traps.

None of these solutions will keep the homeowner warm and dry and safe from flooding, but it will reduce cost and heartache for the homeowner and insurance companies.

We at Sealwise have and continue to do so supply waterproof construction board to suppliers who are increasingly being asked for waterproof construction board in the construction of kitchens/furniture in water-sensitive locations, from waterproof furniture to cladding and water entry areas, all defensive measures for a growing flood educated customer base. #waterproof #flooding #floods #kitchens #waterdamage#constructionindustry #cabinets

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