It’s been heart-breaking to see so much of Britain hit by flooding again recently, and witnessing the devastation this wreaks on residents and businesses alike.

Once breached, it doesn’t take long for flood waters to cause thousands of pounds worth of damage within a property.

It was whilst watching similar scenes a few short years ago that our MD Paul decided that the material he was developing needed to be 100% waterproof – something that could provide a real alternative to wood or MDF.

In a flood, these more traditional kitchen materials are ruined, meaning the kitchen needs to be completely ripped out.

A Sealwise kitchen is 100% waterproof and anti-bacterial. So in similar circumstances, it could be chemically cleaned, and reinstalled. It wouldn’t be damaged by the water, and the owner could be confident no germs or bacteria carried by the water remained, especially with Sealwise’s sealed joints.

Being easy to work with, and very adaptable, Sealwise could also be effective in building barriers for doors and garages, skirting, cladding, providing platforms to keep things off the floor – even making flooring itself.

“It can be used for anything where wood or MDF has been traditionally used,” explained Paul.

“We’ve run various tests where we’ve submerged similar pieces of MDF and Sealwise together in a tank of water for a period of time. The MDF soaks up the water, swells and splits, and generally, is just ruined by the conditions.

“Our Sealwise, on the other hand, remained totally intact. If this had been dirty flood-water, it would simply need to be cleaned – it can withstand chemical cleaning – and would be totally fine to reuse.

“It was watching the horrific scenes of flooding on TV when I was in hospital a few years ago that persuaded me that our new material needed to be 100% waterproof to help provide a real solution to this problem, which sadly seems to be coming more of a frequent occurrence.”

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