Chemical Resistance Test

Chemical Resistance is critical for furniture and work surfaces in hygiene conscious environments, especially when it comes to long term performance. That’s why we’re dedicated to constantly testing new chemicals and analysing how they react with Sealwise and how we can improve our findings to provide solutions to our customers. Just last week the sales team met with a customer that was struggling with Brake fluid staining to their work surfaces within an automotive facility.

Although it wasn’t something we had tested previously, we asked our Technical team to run tests based on brake fluid spillages onto Sealwise. The tests were based on a 1 hour, 24 hour, 48 hour and 5 day periods and we documented any staining that occurred. A week later after the tests were completed, we were able to provide feedback to the customer along with images at each stage of testing for their analysis.

If the chemicals you work with are giving you and your current furniture solutions a headache we’d be happy to see if we can help! P.S No staining occur during the testing so it made for a pretty dull report but a very happy customer!  REQUEST A FREE SAMPLE PACK TODAY

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