Innovative cabin opens lid on a world of different applications

It may be holiday season, but our customers and clients never take a break from finding new and innovative uses for Sealwise WCB – the latest to come to fruition is not just fantastically exciting, but you could take a holiday in!.

ECO POD (IPR/Design Right Protected) is a cabin fabricated from Sealwise WCB designed to be supplied flat-pack, making it sustainable, light, durable and easy to clean, a truly environmentally-friendly structure. It’s easy to construct, very stable when put together, and yet still very adaptable.

Its construction means it will be possible to extend it easily, connect pods or generally set them up according to your needs and preferences. It’s UV resistant, and retains a steady temperature.

All of which makes it the perfect glamping cabin – but given the flat-pack aspect of the product, and its adaptability, there is potential for many, many more uses for the shelter.

Edgar Wallace, Business Development Sealwise Ltd, his son Robert and friend Trevor Richardson proprietor of The Log Pod Ltd , have been working together over a period of time to refine the ECO POD and get it ready for the global market.

As an established manufacturer of conventional log pods Edgar was confident Trevor would see the many advantages of a pod fabricated from Sealwise WCB, Trevor worked on the development and produced a fully functional prototype during which time the possibilities grew and grew.

“Its use in the glamping market and leisure industry was our immediate focus, but the beauty of this for us has been recognising the many applications which come from the pod being flat-packed, which allows it to be shipped or flown anywhere in the world,” explained Edgar.

“Being made of Sealwise WCB, it can be digitally printed on, so it could be branded for events, and being easy to transport and build lends it to a vast array of projects from business exhibitions and music festivals, to something as diverse as an emergency shelter in a disaster zone.

“It will be priced extremely competitively, so together will all its attributes, we’re confident that this is a product which is going to appeal to a lot of different markets, and will turn a lot of heads when it’s officially unveiled next month.”

The ECO POD is due to make its inaugural outing at The Glamping Show at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire from September 24-26. The event is open to the public on the Friday and Saturday, if you’d like to go along and see the pod for yourself !

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