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We know there are plenty of substances used by vets, doctors and other medical professions, that can stain surfaces, so we decided to put Sealwise to the test, to see how it holds up against a couple of these stubborn stains!

Fluorescein and iodine are probably two of the most commonly used products, which if spilled, can be a nightmare to remove, so they seemed like the ideal candidates for our test!

To really test WCB, we used two separate samples with different finishes. The first had a standard factory finish, and the second had a lightly sanded surface. We then poured each component onto the samples, as seen below, and this is how they were left for a week.

The stains were simply wiped away with a wet wipe and the results are incredible, and just as we expected!! Not a stain in sight!

Sealwise Stain Test

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