Contains Sealwise Waterproof Construction Board
Contains Sealwise Waterproof Construction Board
Contains Sealwise Waterproof Construction Board
Contains Sealwise Waterproof Construction Board
Contains Sealwise Waterproof Construction Board
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Machinable Sealwise Waterproof Construction Board

Sealwise WCB

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Closed Cell Sealwise Waterproof Construction Board
Dental Surgery Using Sealwise Waterproof Construction Board
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Some of the question we are asked from our clients when working with SEALWISE WCB. We have manufactured this product to behave and work similar to any other construction board eliminating the need for extensive training and costly tools.

How To Work With Sealwise

While Sealwise stands out as a uniquely modern and sustainable material, there is no need to invest in any new or specialist machinery or tools to work with it. It is totally suitable for traditional workshop equipment and tools. We’ve even been delighted to hear that for Sealwise customers, blades and tools stay sharper longer than if used with other materials. We have also developed our own innovative joint process which uses no fixings. With the use of capillary action our solvent creates an homogeneous joint which is completely sealed without any trace of excess residue. All traditional jointing systems can be used with Sealwise without the need for any changes and we’ve worked closely with Ovvo ( to introduce a fuss-free joint perfect for Sealwise and its many applications.


The standard stock colour of Sealwise is white. The following colours are available in orders of 12 pallets (10 ton) or more. We can also offer a RAL-matched colour option. These colours are available on request, subject to minimum order quantities of one load, 24 pallets (20 ton). Prices for colour options are available on request.

Colours Available.

  • Brown.
  • Green.

  • Yellow.

  • Cream.

  • Blue.

  • Grey.

Sheets can be ordered individually or by pallet.

Many Colours Sealwise Waterproof Construction Board

Get hands on with Sealwise Waterproof Construction Board

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With the Care Quality Commission becoming ever more stringent, specifying Sealwise for your practice design will bring peace of mind that infection control requirements are being met, with the added bonus of reducing future maintenance costs and downtime whilst ultimatelyproviding a hygienic, modern and stylish workspace.

Sealwise has major benefits for hospitals and is becoming sought after by health trusts because it is safe, durable and long lasting. Its peerless hygiene standards are the major factor in it becoming the material of choice for various applications for hospitals. It provides excellent infection control, an area in which the NHS spends in excess of £1 billion annually, as well as being cost effective.

Hospital Using Sealwise Waterproof Construction Board

Increasing demands and pressures are being put on GP surgeries to reduce hospital admissions including an expectation for them to offer minor operations. With these greater demands comes a need to keep bacteria and infection to an absolute minimum, especially in the minor surgery areas. Sealwise sheet material is a perfect solution for hygienic, modern practice fixtures, fittings and furniture.

Health Service Using Sealwise Waterproof Construction Board

Laboratories are busy environments that encounter heavy use and extreme wear and tear due to the nature of the processes performed in them. Laboratory furniture needs to be tough and durable but most importantly chemically resistant and hygienically easy to clean to prevent contamination or cross contamination. By using Sealwise in a lab setting, all of these requirements can easily be achieved.

Health Service Using Sealwise Waterproof Construction Board

When the flood water subside, families and businesses are left to deal with the devastation left behind. Sealwise is proving increasingly popular as a replacement to kitchens manufactured from wood, MDF or chipboard as it is wholly waterproof and resistant to bacteria and germs. Consequently, after a flood, because of its anti-bacterial properties, Sealwise can be effectively and hygienically cleaned so it doesn’t need to be thrown away. A kitchen made up of units constructed with Sealwise can be chemically cleaned, then reinstalled and the customer can be confident that no bacteria or germs carried by the water remain.

Although sheet material is commonly used within construction industry, there has always been problems with using materials which are both waterproof and eco friendly. Sealwise puts an end to this search. It is ideal for many applications such as wall covering, shuttering, site hoarding, signage on site, Flooring, roofing and many other uses in general construction.

You can be assured that by using Sealwise it will give you a long term solution which is simple to work With, it also comes in various colours and textures. Every trade will have a use for Sealwise.

Sealwise is the hygienic choice for cladding and cubicles as its smooth, non-porous and totally waterproof surface ensures cleaning is easy. It is also available in an anti-bacterial option.

It complements all standard fixings and no specialist equipment is needed; it can be used with the many options of jointing and corner strips already available on the market. Its finished look is extremely aesthetically pleasing as it comes in a range of colours and finishes and panels can be further enhanced with printing and laminating. In cubicles, screw retention is key and Sealwise actually adds strength to the cubicle system itself.

Tough clean surfaces for hardworking environments, Sealwise WCB provides a robust, practical and clean solution for most application in the food industry, providing a strong, bright, clean and modern environment for manufacturing & preparation.

Sealwise is being used across agricultural areas in many different ways. Poultry farmers have recognised its benefits for wall cladding in poultry sheds to help reduce red mite infestation Piggery farmers have found it a strong and easy to clean material to construct pigpens from. It is also an excellent material for use around the equestrian transport and livery sectors. Whatever its use, in an industry where product longevity is key, farmers can be reassured that Sealwise is a long-lasting, cost effective material for interior and exterior use.

Sealwise WCB provides a robust, practical and comfortable solution for accommodation, providing a pleasant, bright, clean and modern environment for residential care & educational establishments. Although most residential educational facilities have refurbishment schedules in place over a long period of time, the inside refurbishment takes center stage at the start of most education terms or budget estimations, Sealwise products can and have proved to supply a robust and long term financial change to this costly yet essential practice.


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