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In 2019 with all the technology and information to hand we still as homeowners and business’s treat flood risk as a ‘ DEAL WITH IT WHEN IT HAPPENS ‘ scenario. With insurance companies aware of this it will not be long until their policies small print ensures reasonable and compulsory proof a business or homeowner has taken steps to protect either their home or property from water damage ( some insurance companies are already doing this ). With flood protection equipment and materials coming down in cost and being readily available in most countries with the cost of damage increasing due to extreme weather activity from global warming most of this responsibility will be placed at the property owners door should insurance policies start to rise.

Sealwise waterproof construction board and many other types of water/flood protection have been around for many years and seem to be a process property owners look into after the damage has been done. With charities, Met Office ( ), Environment Agency (…/organisations/environment-agency ) and the UK GOVS own website supplying flood risk help and details on how to reduce the damage by being prepared for flooding if you are in a risk area.

Just a simple Google Search ” prepare your home for a flood ” can help you reduce all the hard work and cost after the event…

Contact us at Sealwise for more information on how Sealwise WCB can either give you advice on materials for flood/water protection for your future.

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