Water Resistant


WCB is 100% waterproof!
That means
No water ingress.
No swelling
No rotting
No bacteria

WCB is 100% Waterproof


WCB is 100% Waterproof


Sustainability - landfill section.

Sealwise is committed to sustainability, which is at the core of all our actions. Our flagship product, WCB, utilises Recycled PVC-U at the core of every sheet we manufacture. Combined with its PVC outer skin, our co-extruded sheets perform highly, unlike anything else on the market. Furthermore, our in-house recycling program means we give our customers a real solution for avoiding landfills at the product’s end of life.

Fuelled By Sustainability

WCB is not only made by using recycled PVC-U but is also fully recyclable using our in house recycling program.

Round The Clock Protection

With our built in Sealwise Protect Technology WCB provides the perfect second line of defence against potential deadly bacterias such as MRSA and eColi with 99.99% efficacy.

Round the clock Protection.

WCB has antibacterial protection in every sheet, which is standard through our built-in Sealwise Protect Technology. This offers users in critical environments peace of mind and protection against potentially deadly bacteria, including MRSA and e-Coli, with 99.99% efficacy.

Effortlessly Versatile.

WCB is the ultimate all rounder. Giving our customers unrivalled performance without having to use anything other than your woodworking tools.

Effortlessly Versatile.

Efficiency and adaptability are crucial in fabrication. That’s where WCB comes in—the ultimate all-rounder that seamlessly integrates with all commonly used woodworking tools and machinery. With WCB, you can enhance your fabrication experience without requiring specialised equipment. Whether you’re sawing, drilling, or sanding, WCB offers versatility and ease of use.

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